Our Indiegogo campaign has officially come to a close and we were able to raise $3600 for the cat cafe!

For those of you who are chose the "Name A Kitten" purrk and have not yet named your kitten, as soon as we receive the pictures from our partner shelter, we will put them here on the website and email you so you can choose a kitten and name it. Get those creative juices flowing! You can visit fully named litters on our blog, The Cat's Meow!

Thank you for your support, we will be announcing a new way to support us very shortly, but you can still purchase Meowchandise to support us in the meantime!

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Matthew W.

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In honor of Benjamin Robert and Leila Charlotte Ludwig (2 precious Maine Coons)

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Beth H.

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Mary Helen H.

Kristina D.

Lori L.

Jeannie S.

Vicki B.

Mary K.

Lois C.

John Alexander A.

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Natalie S.


Bengal ($50)

Kasey & Randi W.

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Theresa M.

Sarah B.

Caitlin A.

Kaylah K.

CHEETAH ($100)

Michael C.

Steven A.

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Maine Coon ($50)

Andrea D.

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The Cat's Meow Esthetics & Eyelash Extension

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Leopard ($200)

Stray Kat Cosplay


Kitten ($10)

Luli M.

Xanthe A.

House Cat ($25)

Laurel P.

Natalie H.

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Brianna H.

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Name a Kitten! ($15)

Colleen C.

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Ilana Lydia H.

Anabel O.

Nefertiti J.


Lindsay B.

Alexandra C.

Suzi K.

Liz R.

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Kaylah K.



Our business sponsors have invested a larger amount of money into our business in exchange for advertising on our website and in our cafe. If you would like to become a business sponsor, visit our Indiegogo campaign, or contact us if none of the options you see interest you!


   cat versus human   puts it best. Cat purrs are great stress relief.

cat versus human puts it best. Cat purrs are great stress relief.

7 Health Benefits of Cat Purrs

What’s more comforting than petting a soft cuddly cat and listening to him purr? Scientists have actually studied the effects of the sound of purring on humans, and they’ve discovered some interesting reasons why we respond so positively to purrs. Here’s some background on why listening to your cat’s purr may just be the best route to a happy and healthy life!

Cats purr in the 20-140 Hz range, which happens to be a very therapeutic sound range that contributes to our physical and mental well-being. What specific human aliments respond to the healing sound of cat purrs?

1. Stress: Petting a purring cat is a sure way to calm your nerves.

2. Breathing: The sound of purring eases dysponea (shortness of breath) in both cats and humans.

3. Blood pressure: Interacting with cats and hearing them purr lowers blood pressure.

4. Bone healing: It’s been found that sound frequencies between 25 and 200 Hz promote bone strength.

5. Heart attack: Cat owners have a 40% reduced risk of heart attack as compared to non-cat owners.

Embrace your inner feline & shop our entire cat collection - 25% of all proceeds go directly to no kill animal shelters!

6. Infection/swelling: The vibrations associated with purring can help heal wounds on your body.

7. Muscles/tendons: Those same vibrations can also help heal soft tissue injuries.

(Source animalhearted, March 30, 2016)