Lovey Dovey

Written by Noelle Canez


When I was about 6 years old my wonderful mother took me to the shelter to rescue my first kitty. I looked at a lot of cats that day, but only one stood out to me. She was a grey, long haired gal and I fell in love with her at first glimpse. When I put my finger up to the glass she tried to rub her cheek on it. The volunteers told us that she had been returned twice, and the previous owner paid for all of her shots. After I made my decision to keep her I put her on my lap in the car and she stayed there the whole ride home. She was so sweet and calm and loving. I ended up naming her Lovey Dovey from the song Space Cowboy by the Steve Miller Band. 

My dad always played that song and I knew this cat would make me feel just as happy inside as that song did, if not more.

As I grew older Lovey Dovey always stayed by my side. She would sleep under the covers cuddled up next to me every night. And she would ride on my shoulder for adventures during the day. She loved for me to open my mouth for her to smell my breath. It was weird but hilarious every time. She would go nuts for treats and enjoyed napping about 23 hours a day. Lovey Dovey has since passed away but will forever remain in my heart as my first cat. I will continue to rescue cats throughout my life but Lovey Dovey will always be my sweet girl.