Foster Failure

Written by Angie Grams

I'd just started working pretty much full time at 4 paws (not as the manager) in the spring of 2014. We were SLAMMED with kittens, didn't have enough foster people, and then we got a dump of a beautiful, almost ready to deliver, long haired tortie. There was no one to take her in for foster. And so even though I already had 6 cats (2 previously adopted from 4 paws), I said I'd foster her "until we could find someone". We named her Gypsy and I took her home, got her all set up in my extra room and waited. She was NOT happy to be locked in a room and barely wanted me to touch her. But just over a week after I brought her home,  3/30/14, she had 4 kittens, 1 grey & 3 orange tabbys, all female. She was a great mom and let me handle the kittens from the beginning. She was so good that we gave her another kitten that had no mom and she took him right in. 

I fell in love with one of the kittens. Decided I couldn't have another one, that 6 was enough. Meanwhile, they were just the cutest kittens ever (aren't they all?!). I fought with myself the entire 12 weeks I had them in my home, wavering back & forth. 

I finally just decided I had to have her. I named her Rory. Got all her vaccines and spay done and brought her back home.

Then she decided to bond to my oldest cat, a boy named Jazz. Didn't want to be picked up, petted, nothing. I was so bummed. She wouldn't even let me force my love on her--all she wanted was to be with my other cat.

Fast forward to now and she's finally becoming more affectionate and loving towards me, actually looking for my attention. Just goes to show that just because they are affectionate & sweet as tiny kittens doesn't mean they will stay that way. I'm just happy she's come around finally as she is so beautiful!