Jude Holiday

Written by Kim See

To say we picked our kitten would be a gross understatement. By every sense and meaning of the word, she picked us. During a shift at work (I'm around downtown Glendale where stray animals are unfortunately abundant), a worker from the shop next door tapped on the glass to get my attention. He was standing outside with the most fluffiest kitten I've seen. Immediately, I screeched and ran outside to see this adorable fluff ball. She was precious, grey and white with a giant feather duster of a tail. As soon as I took her in my arms, he said "here's your new cat! Bye!" and walked back to his shop. 

Shocked, I stood there holding little thing, unsure of what to do. My coworker came out, cooing over her, and thankfully helped to get her some food and water. We set her cups outside the door, thinking she would eat and run as most strays in the area do. But no, she was persistent. She decided to walk right in the door and proceeded to meow at me for attention. She wouldn't stop until I picked her up. Within seconds, she started purring, nuzzling into my chest and arms, content as can be. Now, it had been a while since I've had a cat in my life, as I lost my fur baby just that summer. I knew this was meant to be. She continued to follow me around the shop, stopping and laying on the floor when necessary, but always within a few feet of me. Although she was still friendly to my coworker, she was smitten for me. In a frenzy, I called up a friend to bring a carrier and some proper cat food so I could make arrangements to take her home.

  I was reluctant to even bring her home since my boyfriend was more of a dog person, and didn't know how he react to her. When he picked me up that night, with cat in tow, he was quiet but not against her. I ran into Walmart to grab some more food and necessities for the night. When I came back to the car, she was in his lap, sleeping contently, purring as loud as can be. They were listening to The Beatles, enjoying each other's company. My heart swelled. As I got in the car, he said with such love "Her name is Jude." I knew she was going to be part of our family. We later agreed to Jude Holiday, as she found us around Christmas time, and after one of our favorite jazz singers, Billie Holiday. Now it's been a month with Jude in our lives. She gives kisses every night, has purrs that rival a Diesel engine, and has taken most of my hair ties as toys. She put her little paw over our hearts, and crawled into our laps. Thank you, Jude. Thank you for choosing us.