St. George

Written by Beth Ann Hernandez

Prior to going to the Humane Society my husband and I took a look at the kitties on their website, I didn't know but while we were scrolling my husband fell in love with a three-year-old orange cat named St. George. Later that week we went in person to choose a cat. My hubby looked like he was on a mission, and when he found the orange one, that was it, no more looking. I tried to push him along to look at more but he had made up his mind. After talking to the volunteers we were told we couldn't adopt that day because we didn't have our rental agreement with us to verify that we could in fact have a cat at our apartment.

The following day I went to get the cat, with my lease agreement, while my husband was at work. When I told them who I wanted to take home they got very excited and told me he was the "Cat of the Week" meaning he was featured on the website and the adoption fees were waived! They explained that they knew I'd be back for the orange one so they made him "Cat of the Week" on purpose for us. I almost cried!

After spending a few weeks with him we realized he was a bit of a problem child, tending to bite and scratch anytime we got near him. We decided to put up with it and just not really pet him since he didn't like it. Fast forward three years and he now loves to cuddle under blankets and purrs loud, he enjoys head pets and if you touch him somewhere he doesn't like he no longer goes in for the kill but instead gives a gentle warning nip. We're glad we didn't give up on our handsome little orange one. St. George is a part of the family! ❤